Security Personnel

Security personnel provide an important essential service maintaining the safety and security of people, property, assets and information.

These roles are not just for outside banks or working at sporting venues – there are a wide range of security personnel roles suitable for all age groups (min 18 years) and genders, across many locations. The roles cover crowd control, event security, patrolling and guarding.

These roles are positions of responsibility and require people who are enthusiastic, dedicated and trustworthy. Transferrable customer service skills from industries such as retail, hospitality and tourism would be very helpful.  This is a fantastic area to consider if you’re a ‘people person’ who has great customer service skills as you will be dealing with people and the public a lot.

Effective security personnel are:

  • People-focussed
  • Excellent communicators – able to report incidents or potential incidents that may put people at risk
  • Visible – so people can see there is a security presence
  • Observant – to see signs of a possible security breach
  • Focused – on the task at hand

If you’re keen to progress your career within the security industry, or other associated industries such as Police or Corrections, there are a range of industry specific NZQA qualifications you can complete. Once you’ve gained experience, you’ll then be able progress into more advanced positions.

starting out

Security Officer

The role of Security Guards is to keep people, property and assets safe and to prevent crime.

starting out

Event Security

Such services are performed at venues or sites where attendees are required to enter and exit such...

early career

Senior Security Officer

They prevent risks and deter crime, watch out for potential dangers and risks, and report issues...

early career

Team Leader

Team Leaders will have responsibility for the security team at a site and for the individual performance...

early career

Patrol Officer

A Patrol Officer is a Security Officer who travels to multiple sites that are physically distant from one another.


Compliance Officer

A Compliance Officer is a Security Officer who performs compliance related duties such as noise control


Concierge/VIP Security

The role of a Concierge Security Officer is to receive and...


Cash-in-Transit Officer

The role of a Cash-In-Transit Officer is to facilitate the



The role of a Security Supervisor is to oversee the security function at a large site, group of sites


Operations Manager

The role of an Operations Manager is to oversee the security operations for an operational...



The role of a Security Trainer is to provide instruction to new and existing staff so...

later career

General Manager

A General Manager has overall responsibility for formulating and implementing business strategy,

later career

Divisional/Branch Manager

A Branch or Divisional Manager manages the operations...

later career

Private Investigator

Private Investigators search for information about legal, financial and personal matters.

later career

Security Consultant

A Security Consultant identifies security weaknesses in physical, personnel and information

later career

Training Manager

The role of a Training Manager is to oversee and manage training to new and existing staff so that they...