Electronics & Security Systems

A wide range of security systems such as alarms, cctv and access control are commonly used across commercial and residential properties as a front-line security measure.

These systems are installed, tested and maintained by security technicians. These roles also include the manufacture, installation, testing and maintenance of physical security systems by locksmiths.

Security technician roles are suitable for all ages and genders for those with a strong interest in technology, who are analytical and detail-oriented. It’s also important for security technicians to possess good customer service skills as they are required to work at customer sites and to communicate with customers. Transferrable customer service skills from industries such as retail, hospitality and tourism would be very helpful.  

Effective security technicians are:

  • Excellent working with technology
  • Analytical
  • Practical
  • Customer-service focussed

If you’re keen to progress your career within the security industry, or other associated industries such as electrical and cyber security, monitoring operator roles provide an ideal career pathway with a range of industry specific NZQA qualifications you can complete. Once you’ve gained experience, you’ll then be able progress into more advanced positions.

starting out

Trainee Technician

Security Technicians interpret the designs and technical instructions of...

starting out

Trainee Locksmith

Locksmiths interpret the designs and technical instructions of Security Consultants

early career


Security Technicians interpret the designs and technical instructions of Security...

early career


They develop, install, test and maintain locks, security equipment and systems used...


Senior Technician

Senior Security Technicians interpret the designs and technical instructions of...



Sales Consultant provides customers with recommendations or proposals...

later career

Projects/Contracts Manager

Project or Contract Coordinators/Managers are...

later career

Engineering Manager

Engineering Managers are responsible for the technical...

later career

Security Consultant

A Security Consultant identifies security weaknesses in physical, personnel and...

later career

Divisional/Branch Manager

A Branch or Divisional Manager manages the operations and...

later career

General Manager

A General Manager has overall responsibility for formulating and implementing